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For over 40 years, SOS PEST CONTROL has been helping you protect your home and family from unwanted pests. We understand that you want your home and your office to be free of mice, termites, rats, roaches, spiders, ants and other “creepy crawlies” and we are here to help. We have services to help you eradicate any current problems and prevention programs to keep your home free from pests. We continue to add to our services so that we always have the most current technologies to utilize in eradicating pests. We were the first company in Kansas City to use the Thermal Treatment method for one day effective elimination of bed bug infestations. Call or email us today about how we can help you with your bug problem or set up a prevention plan today.


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    Prevent a harmful infestation BEFORE it is too late. Call Today and Get the SOS Total Residential Pest Control Maintenance program.   Prevention … Elimination … Satisfaction

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    The SOS Total Residential Pest Control Maintenace Program will protect your home from infestations that can lead to disease and property damage. SOS pest Control, defending your home, protecting your family, assuring you peace of mind.

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    Helping you protect your business.
    At SOS Pest Control, we are committed to solving pest problems, large and small. We service Commercial facilities; Industrial facilities; and Food-grade* facilities.
    SOS is an AIB Food and Safety Member.

Kansas City’s #1 Bedbug Specialist

THERMAL TREATMENT- One Day Effective Elimination.  Once considered virtually eliminated in the U.S., bedbug infestations have been on the rise at an alarming rate in recent years. Bedbugs are nocturnal insects that feed exclusively on blood. An adult female may lay up to 500 eggs during her lifetime. They typically live in cracks and crevices of bed frames, head boards, mattresses and box springs, emerging at night to feed on their sleeping host. Fortunately, SOS can help. CALL US NOW FOR A FREE CONSULTATION.